Transportation and shuttle between Roissy CDG and Disneyland

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Cheapest transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Paris.


Ready for your Magical Disneyland Paris adventure?

Enjoy an immediate departure from Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) in a private or shared vehicle avoiding waiting with tired children and luggage.

For a journey of about 40 minutes, you will have a comfortable and clean vehicle, a nice and attentive driver and of course for the little ones car seats and booster seats for free.

The driver will wait for you at the baggage exit with a sign with your name on it. He will take you directly to your hotel in Disneyland.

For the trip back, He will wait for you at the door of your hotel 3 hours before the departure of your plane and will take you directly to your terminal.

Our prices are among the lowest on the market for an incomparable custom service.

No extra charges, no bad surprises!

The satisfaction of our customers is our best reward ! the opinions of our customers are guaranteed by a certified company " review verified "

Private car

1 Passenger 60 €
2 Passengers 60 €
3 Passengers 60 €
4 Passengers 60 €
5 Passengers 69 €
6 Passengers 75 €
7 Passengers 79 €
8 Passengers 84 €

Shared van

9 Passengers 14.0 € /pax
10 Passengers 12.5 € /pax

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Paris Shuttle is a Government approved low cost airport service based in Paris. We operate from CDG, Beauvais and Orly Airports. We provide Taxi services to Paris city and Disneyland.

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    Paris shuttle 

Means of Transport from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport to Disneyland : 


The holidays are coming up fast ! After a whole year of working, studying and all the stress, you deserve vacation, and not just any vacation! Holidays in Paris, the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees city ! The magical world of Disneyland ! The city of Mickey Mouse, Ice princess and their friends! Your adventure begins with your landing at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).

Transports is our specialty! You take care of your plane ticket, we take care of the rest.You can’t choose between bus, taxi, train, VTC, private or shared shuttle, free shuttles, Uber, Magical Shuttle, Supershuttle ...? You will find here everything you need to know to choose how to get to Disneyland from Roissy CDG airport.


The famous Roissy CDG airport, where is it located in relation to disney world Paris ?


The international airport is located in Roissy in the northern suburbs of Paris in France 95700. It covers by its major tracks, terminals and car parks the areas of Val-d'Oise, Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne. et-Marne.

It is located 23 km from the center of Paris, 52 km from Paris Orly airport, 74 km from Beauvais airport and 47 km from Eurodisney.

It has three major terminals, terminal 1, terminal 2 and terminal 3. Terminal 2 is composed of 7 terminals; 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F and 2G.


It is the most important French airport. It welcomes almost all airlines of the world (Air France, Easyjet, Emirates, Vueling ...)


The trip between CDG and Disney, how long does it last ?


Public transport :

It is possible to get to Disneyland by public transport; the train. The TGV connects the CDG SNCF train station to the Marne la Vallée TGV station. The trip by TGV lasts 10 minutes without counting the waiting time of the train and the time to arrive at the desired address at Disney.


Private transport :

In the category "private transport" provided by private companies, there is a wide choice of means of transport to get to Disneyland from Paris Roissy. Whether it is transfer by bus, VTC, private or shared shuttles, taxis, minibuses, etc., the path is the same, it is the A104 highway. The journey takes more or less 40 minutes depending on the traffic conditions which is generally fluid, but can sometimes be blocked because of traffic jams, or often on Sundays and the days back from vacation for Parisians. In these cases, the ride can last up to one hour.


Our Roissy Disney shuttle service "Paris Shuttle":

With, a private shuttle service is offered. It is a door-to-door, on-demand service to take you from your arrival terminal to your address in Disneyland or vice versa, from a specific address in the Chessy area to your departure terminal at Roissy for a journey lasting about 40 minutes. A fixed price service, ideal for everyone traveling with family or group. We have everything you need!


Means of transport available between Serris and CDG airport ? At what price ?


A range of means of transport ensures the connection between CDG and Eurodisney; there is public transport (TGV train) and private transport (bus, shuttle, VTC, taxis, mobile apps ...) serving the Disneyland area. Each one has its peculiarities distinguishing it from the others. The different choices meet the needs of everyone in terms of price. We help you make a choice that fits your budget so you do not have unpleasant surprises and not be preyed on by scammers and malicious organizations.


Public transport :

If you are looking for a direct bus from CDG to Disneyland, unfortunately there is not. It is the train, TGV, that is available and takes you to Marne la Vallée train station.

Once arrived at the airport, from your arrival terminal, it is possible to go to the train station. Trains to Chessy train station are available approximately every hour from 7am to 9pm. Tickets are available online or at the counters at the airport. When you arrive to Chessy train station, you will need another mean of transport to get to your exact address (shuttle bus, taxi, etc...).

The price of the ticket is from 19€ for adults and from 9,50€ for children between 4 and 11 years.


Taxis :

Parisian taxis are available at the exit of CDG airport terminals. In most cases, it is not easy to find a taxi when you arrive, there is a big line to face to get one, which can take a long time. There will be a minimum of half an hour of waiting especially during peak airport hours when there are many flights arriving at the same time.

The price of taxis is calculated by the taximeter according to the duration and the distance. A taxi ride costs around 90€ for normal driving conditions. This price can increase during the night because of nocturnal transfers fees and also during the traffic jams when the duration of the trip is longer than predicted.


Uber / Kapten / Allocab :

New technologies are at the service of transport. Several mobile applications have been created to meet the needs of their customers such as Uber and Kapten. The principle is to book a vehicle through the application to have a driver who will pick you up wherever you want.

The price for this type of transport is calculated according to the duration and the distance. For Uber, for example, the price varies between 59€ and 79€ for economical vehicles and under normal conditions. In case of traffic jams, bad weather conditions or any other event, this price can be much higher.


Private driver VTC :

VTC is a term used to design Touring Cars with Drivers. This type of transfer is "a la mode" in France and it is highly requested, not only by natives but also for tourists. There are two types of VTC: The private shuttle and the shared shuttle.

The price depends on the type of vehicle and the number of passengers.


Private shuttle :

It is a private transport service. Only one group of people is transported at a time, whether individually, with family or with friends. Your driver will be waiting for you at the luggage exit with a sign with your name on it, at the arrival of your terminal, to take you to your car in the car park for an immediate departure to Disney to the address that the customer would have previously chosen.

The price of the private shuttle varies from 60€ to 100€ per vehicle according to the number of people.


Shared shuttle :

It has the same principle as the private shuttle except that the vehicle is shared by two or more groups of passengers. The vehicle used can be a minivan of 9 people, including the driver, or a minibus or bus that carries several groups of people at the same time. This type of transport is characterized by its waiting time and the stops it makes to drop everyone onboard on their addresses.

The waiting time is due to the fact that passengers who arrive first must wait for other groups before heading to Disney.

Once at Disney, the vehicle must stop at every different address in Serris to drop all passengers.

Some shared bus shuttles have fixed schedules for each departure.

The price varies from 20€ to 40€ per traveler.


Magical shuttle :

It is a company offering a shuttle service between Roissy airport and Disneyland. The transfer is made by buses carrying many people at the same time. It is necessary to book in advance. The shuttles are certainly regular but they are not available when you want it.

Their services are available all week from 9am to 8pm.

The price is 23€ for adults and 10€ for children from 2 to 11 years.


Super Shuttle :

It is a company that offers several types of transfers. The vehicles used are generally minivans. Their service is mainly for group transfers.

The price is on average 25€ per person depending on the type of transfer and the number of people.


Paris Shuttle :

Our service consists on private shuttles. You can have a sedan or a minivan depending on the number of passengers. It is a transport service of people on demand, with reservation in advance. A private transport with a private driver waiting for you at the arrivals of your terminal with a sign with your name to take you to your destination. An immediate departure for a great time saving to start your dream vacation in Disneyland.

Our prices are fixed, without any supplement or bad surprises. An unbeatable flat rate pricing with exclusive offers for families !


How to optimize your transfer from CDG to Disneyland?


Trip duration :

Disneyland is located approximately 35 minutes from Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. In order to maintain this time, the private shuttle is the best choice. Having a driver waiting for you upon your arrival at the meeting point for an immediate departure to your address saves you time a lot.

The shared shuttle has the disadvantage of having a waiting time quite important because either you will have to wait for the arrival of the other passengers to leave, or, because of fixed schedules, you must wait for the arrival of the shuttle to leave; such as Magical shuttle and trains; they are available every hour. If you miss it, you have to wait at least one hour for the next one.

As for Parisian taxis, the line is huge especially for CDG, the airport is always full and crowded with passengers.

Taxis from mobile apps also have a waiting time because the reservation is made on arrival and the driver is not available immediately.


The Best price :

To each one his budget in terms of transport. To stay within the budget, it would be better to opt for a fixed-price transport that is not affected by traffic, nor by the surcharges that may affect the price including the increase for night transfers, supplements to pay for luggage .... Your best choice is the private shuttle for a price between 60 € and 100 € per vehicle. The price is fixed regardless of the time, regardless of the trip duration and regardless of the distance. The shared shuttle is not the best solution because with a lower price, you can have a private service in a private vehicle.

As for Parisian taxis, the means of transport bad surprises, you never know how much you will pay on arrival. You pay for your luggage, for the duration of the transfer, for the distance ... The price can reach 150/200 €.

Mobile apps taxis too can hide bad surprises in terms of price.

The TGV, however, has a fixed price but if you miss the train you have booked, you will have to buy other tickets for the next train.


The availability :

An available mean of transportation means a vehicle waiting for you upon your arrival for an immediate departure to your destination. This is the very definition of the private shuttle which is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day even for transfers after midnight.

Other means of transport are not available at 100% because there is a waiting time at your arrival. For shared shuttles and trains, you have to wait until the vehicles you have booked arrives. For Parisian taxis, you have to get out of the terminal, look for taxis and line up to get one. The mobile apps vehicles as for them, are not available immediately because it is necessary to book one after your arrival and wait for your driver to come to pick you up.


A comfortable transfer :

A comfortable vehicle is a spacious vehicle, clean and private, just for you. For summer season when the heat reaches surreal degrees, an air-conditioned vehicle is a must! These criteria are all gathered in the private shuttle. Parisian taxis do not guarantee you cleanliness, or have the space you need for you and your luggage, or air conditioning. Shared shuttles and trains can offer you cleanliness, air conditioning, etc., but nothing beats being alone in a vehicle and not being bothered by other passengers. Uber taxis and other applications offer standard vehicles. You have to pay extra to have a VIP vehicle.


A Secure transfer :

In terms of transport, safety is very important. It's about being in the hands of a professional organization and experienced drivers who offer you safe transportation for you and your kids. Shared buses, trains and Uber taxis are certainly safe, but the inconvenient is that they do not offer car seats for children, something you will only find in private shuttles and not all of them. Some companies offer free car seats, others do not.


Choose the best quality / price ratio :

To conclude, the best choice to make for a transfer from CDG to Disney is a transportation that guarantees comfort, security, availability, no waste of time ... all at a fixed price to stay within your budget. It's the private shuttle ! It's our service !


Our shuttle service Paris CDG Disney "Paris Shuttle":

Our shuttle service company is one of the low cost companies and offers its customers a personalized service that meets their needs and at the best rates. A private driver available immediately after picking up your suitcases, comfortable, air-conditioned, spacious and clean vehicles equipped with free child car seats await you outside for a safe and secure transfer to your address.

Special offers are available throughout the year !


Some tips to book :

- With the price calculator on the home page, it's easy to do the simulation and get the final price of your transfer. You have the choice between a one way trip or a round trip. Just make an online reservation and confirm it with the deposit payment through the secure payment of our website. A confirmation voucher is received immediately. That's it !


- It is better and more economical to book in advance, even months in advance on our website to benefit from promotional offers and reduced prices compared to prices during the high season.


- In the sections “quote request” or “contact”, it is possible to leave a message for our sales team. They will be happy to provide you with the information you need and assist you to make your reservation online.


-The meeting point with the driver in the airport is the baggage exit where you will find him waiting for you with a sign with your name on it.


- If you can not find your driver, you can call our customer service available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to guide you and assist you until you find your driver.


- If your plane is late, we can know it using the flight number put in the booking form. The driver will come at the landing time of the plane.


- To take a go from Disney to CDG airport, the recommended pick-up time is three hours before take-off time. You will be well on time for your flight. The driver will drop you at your departure terminal for the luggage check-in and then to go to your boarding gate.


- You can request a quote for a transfer to Parc Atérix. We can arrange this transfer for you.


- If you are traveling with a disabled person that uses a wheelchair, we will be happy to transport you to your destination. However, the wheelchair must be manual. If it is electric, we are afraid that our vehicles are not adapted to it. You will need to call specific transportation companies.


- The following addresses: Disneyland Paris Park, Disney Studio, Marne Valley, Chessy, Val d'Europe, Serris, Magny-le-Hongre, Bussy-Saint-George are all considered to be the "Disneyland" area. Our services are provided throughout the area.


- Our transfers are not only made to hotels or appartments, we also provide shuttles from or to public areas, including Val d'Europe shopping centers for those who want to go shopping: the village valley and the nature village (parks center)


- If you want to be picked up at one of the Paris CDG hotels, just put the name and address in the fields number and origin of the flight. The driver will pick you up directly at the hotel.


Some Roissy CDG hotels : Novotel Suites Paris CDG Airport Villepinte, Ibis Styles Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Hotel Restaurant Campanile Roissy, First Class Hotel Roissy Charles De Gaulle, Hotel Mercure Paris CDG Airport & Convention.


You have to be very careful about malicious websites that use your flight data that you put in quote requests to pretend to be your driver when you have not even booked with them. You will end up in the hands of an organization that you do not know. In addition, you will pay a higher price because the deposit you have already paid to confirm your reservation will not be considered.

Beware ! There are people you can find at the luggage exit waiting who pose as your driver and you make the transfer to Disney at very wihout insurance and licence and with expensive prices.


Areas served by our CDG Disney Private Shuttle Service :

Our shuttle service provides transfers to the entire Disney area approximately 15 km around the Disney theme park. You are free to write the address that you want in the booking form. It can be a hotel, an apartment, a house, shopping center, train station ... Our professional driver will be happy to take you there.


The Disney hotels :

- Disneyland Hotel Disney's

- Hotel New York- The Art of Marvel

- Disney's Newport Bay Club

- Disney's Sequoia Lodge

- Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

- Disney's Hotel Santa Fe

These hotels are very close to the Disneyland Park. You can go there on foot or by free shuttle.


Disney’s Partner Hotels :

- Vienna House Dream Castle

- Hotel Vienna House Magic Circus

- Hotel Radisson Blu

- Hotel Adagio Marne-la-Vallee Val d'Europe

- Algonquin's Explorers

- Hotel Campanile Val de France

- Hotel l'Elysee Val d'Europe B & B Hotel

These hotels in the "Val de France" area are a little far from the Disney park but have a free shuttle (every 15 minutes) to get there.


Some external hotels :

- Hotel Relais Spa

- Residence of Val d'Europe Park

- Ace Hotel

- Hotel Ibis Budget Marne la Vallée

- Hotel Stays and Business

- Hotel Park & ​​Suites Prestige

- Hotel Première Classe

- Ranch Davy Crockett

- Hotel Hipark

These hotels are far from Disneyland Park and do not have free shuttles. You will have to order a private shuttle, taxi or VTC to get there.