Orly Airport to Disneyland Transfer

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Opt for our "VTC" shuttle : a transfer service between Orly and Disneyland at a low price.


Our driver will pick you up directly at the baggage exit in Orly with a sign with your name on it and will drop you at your hotel door at Disneyland Paris.

Paris Shuttle guarantees you the best prices to go to Eurodisney and an optimal quality of service avoiding you wasting time on waiting for a taxi, bus as well as the surprises of supplement of luggages or even expenses of the taxis in the traffic of Paris.

Good to know:

For your return from Disneyland, we strongly advise you to plan your pick up at three hours before your plane leaves. The only access to Orly is the A4 motorway and is often crowded. With three hours of margin, we are sure you will arrive in time for your flight.

Special offer for families of 3 to 4 members:

If you are traveling with your family (two adults with one or two children), we offer you the Pack Family package for 60€ each way.

You will have the best private shuttle services at a great price without extra charges! You will have the space you need for your luggage, strollers ...

You will also have free car seats and booster seats for your children.

We also have shuttles for groups as well as interresting offers to get between Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Disneyland.

The prices are much cheaper than a taxi : So why deprive yourself?


Private car

1 Passenger 80 €
2 Passengers 80 €
3 Passengers 80 €
4 Passengers 85 €
5 Passengers 105 €
6 Passengers 110 €
7 Passengers 110 €
8 Passengers 120 €

Shared van

9 Passengers 20.0 € /pax
10 Passengers 18.0 € /pax

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    Paris shuttle 

Shuttle between Orly and Disneyland :

Are you coming to Paris for the holidays? You can not wait to go to Disneyland and discover its magical world? Looking forward to meeting Mickey Mouse and his friends? We make it easy for you! Here, you will find all you need to know about the transfers from Orly airport to Disneyland!

How far is Orly Airport from Disneyland Paris ?

The distance between Orly Airport and Disneyland is approximately 48 km. The trip takes about an hour by car.

The A4 highway connects Disneyland Park to Orly. This is the main road used by everyone. However, this route may vary if access to the highway is blocked due to accidents or any other emergency. There are other routes that drivers can take when needed.

Traffic (rush hours): The traffic in Orly differs from one day to another and from one hour to another. From Monday to Friday, in the morning, the peak hours are from 7am to 10am and from 5pm to 7pm in the afternoon. During the weekends, traffic is light except for Sunday afternoon where there may be traffic jams because it is when Parisians come back home from holidays.

After Roissy CDG, Paris-Orly airport is the second airport platform in France. Few times ago, Orly airport had two terminals; Orly South terminal and Orly West terminal. Recently, since April 2019, the terminal names and numbers have changed. Now, it has 4 terminals; Orly 1, Orly 2, Orly 3 and Orly 4.

How to reach Disneyland from Orly Airport ?

Several means of transport are offered to tourists to reach Disneyland from Orly airport. They can be divided into two parts; private transport and public transport. You can choose one of them according to your needs and your budget.

Public Transport :

There is no direct bus connecting Orly Airport to Disneyland. However, trains are is available but with several stops as follows:

Take the Orlyval train to Antony station.

Take the RER B train to Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport to Chatelet Les Halles station

Take the train RER A Chatelet Les Halles to the Marne La Vallée TGV station.

- Taxis :

Once arrived in Orly, you will find outside the Airport Parisian taxis. You just need to choose your destination and the driver will take you there.

- Uber and other mobile applications :

For phone applications, you can use a Uber taxi to pick you up at the airport or any other private taxi application. The service is similar to a taxi.

- Vtc :

It’s a french word that refers to a new yet very common mean of transport: “Tourism car with driver”. It’s a private car or minivan with driver, a mean of transport widely used in Paris. Various transport companies offer this service. Cars can be private or shared.

- Private Shuttle :

Several companies such as ours offer a private shuttle service. It is a vehicle with driver that picks you up at Orly airport and takes you directly to your adress in Disneyland. It can be a hotel, an apartment, to the park, Disney Studio, Disney Village ...

- Shared Shuttle :

It is is a vehicle that you will share with other passengers. The vehicle can be a minivan, a car or bus. This type of transfer may have fixed or not schedules as variables depending on your choice and the company you have chosen. Once at Disneyland, there will be several stops in several hotels in order to drop off all the passengers.

- Magical shuttle :

Magical shuttle is a private transport company that offers a shuttle service by private bus. Their service is available all week and the working hours are from 9am to 8pm. In the morning, there are shuttles every 40 minutes, while in the afternoon, shuttles are offered at an interval of one hour between each departure.

- Our service “Paris Shuttle”:

Our company Paris shuttle-low cost offers private shuttles to connect Orly to Disneyland. Whether you are with family or friends, the meeting point with the driver is at the arrivals (luggage exit) of your terminal inside the airport. The driver will pick you up and take you directly to your Disney address. It is a door-to-door service. We will take care of you on your trip between Orly and the entire Val d'Europe area in Marne la Vallée.

How long is the transfer from Orly and Disney ?

For a journey of about 48 km, it takes about an hour drive. However, several variables can affect the duration transfer from Orly to Disneyland including the day, time, the type of transfer and the type of vehicle used.

Public Transportation :

There is no direct bus from Orly to Disneyland. However, it is possible to take the train Orlyval then two other trains (RER A and RER B) to get to the station Chessy. The trip takes about an two hours But, for a person visiting Paris for the first time and with luggage, it can be much longer, up to three hours.

Parisian taxis, another mean of public transport, are found outside the airport. The duration of the trip is an hour or more because, at first, it is not always easy to find a taxi at your exit especially if you arrive at night. Even during the day, you have to stand on the line and wait for your turn. Therefore, the journey time is highly affected by traffic.

Private Transportation :

There are several private transport companies. In general the trip between Orly and Disney via the A4 motorway lasts, more or less, an hour. Everything depends on the traffic. This duration is also affected by the type of vehicle used. Indeed, you must take into account the time that you will spend waiting for driver at the airport. If you take a transport that arrives and leaves at fixed intervals, you will need to count the time spent at the airport after your arrival. This waiting time lasts about an hour. If you miss your shuttle, you will have to wait for the next one. Then, you will not go directly to your hotel because you will be many to go to different hotels.

If you will have someone waiting for you at your arrival time, you will gain time and your trip will be shorter.

To sum up, for the public transport, the average duration is two hours and a half or even three hours, counting the waiting times and the trip.

For private transport, if you will have it for you alone such as our service, the driver will take care of you as soon as you get out of the luggage and will take you directly to your destination for an hour drive to arrive at Disney. If you will have a shared service, you will wait either for other passengers or for your bus to come to the airport.

- Our shuttle service Orly Disney:

As mentioned above, we offer an “on demand” service. You choose the pick up time. Once out of the luggage, you will find your driver inside the airport waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. He will take you directly to your destination in Disneyland. You will benefit from a great time saving to start your stay without any delays.

How much does a transfer between Orly and Disney cost ?

A person organizing a trip to Eurodisney tries to plan a budget not to exceed. The transport in Paris can hide many surprises and not a good ones especially if you come to Paris for the first time. The tourist can be an easy prey for some taxi drivers.

The types of transport are very diverse and prices can range from reasonable to very expensive. The best solution would be to have the best quality at the best price.

In order to prepare your journey in Paris, we will give you an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of price.

Train :

To go from Orly to Disneyland in public transport, you will have to take 3 trains; the Orlyval, the RER B, then the RER A. The total price for the three trains is 19,25 € for adults and 14,25 € half price.

Taxi :

If you take a Parisian taxi, the price is calculated with a taximeter at the price per km and the time spent. In traffic jams, the taxi is not the ideal solution; on one hand you do not know how much you will pay, on the other hand, you are in constant stress because you are afraid to exceed the transport budget that you have already fixed. A trip between Orly airport and Disneyland can cost up to 200 € during traffic jams, especially if you arrive at night, the will increase more and more.

Uber and other mobile applications :

Mobile applications dedicated to transport have almost the same price. The transfer between Orly and Disneyland costs on average 70 € in an economical car. It can be higher if you choose a VIP vehicle.

However, this price can go up during peak hours, when there are strikes or various events, or even in bad weather conditions. Prices can be multiplied by 3. Even the time spent waiting for the driver is charged.

Shared Shuttle :

If you are going to choose a shared vehicle to get to Disneyland from Orly whether it's by minivan or bus, it takes between 20 € and 40 € per person depending on the total number of passengers. For a family or group of 4 people, you will have to pay a minimum of 80 €, not to mention the various stops you have to make to drop the other passengers who are with you.

Private Shuttle :

The price of the private shuttle is between 60 € and 95 € per vehicle. The price depends on the type of vehicle whether it is a sedan or a minivan, the price is different. The price may also increase if you wish to have a VIP service.

Magical shuttle :

The company Magical shuttle offers you the bus transfer for 23 € for adults and 10 € for children over 2 years.

For a family or a group of 4 people, you will have to pay 92 €. The more you will be, the more expensive will be the price.

Our Orly Disney Shuttle Service :

The price we offer depends on the number of people. For a number of people from 1 to 4, the price is 60 €. For a number of people starting from 5 for a minivan the price increases but does not exceed 84 €. There won’t be any supplement to pay; no extra charge for luggage or night transfers. The price is fixed and includes a car seat and a booster seat for people traveling with children.

What is the best way of transportation between Orly and Disneyland ?

After presenting the main means of transportation to Disney from Orly, we will now make an objective comparison between the various services to help you make the right choice and have the best service at the best price.

In terms of duration :

The fastest means of transportation between Orly and Disney is surely the private shuttle such as ours or other companies that provide the same type of service. Simply book your transfer in advance, you will have your driver on the landing of your plane just at your baggage exit to go directly to your destination without waiting for other passengers and without stopping in any other hotel but yours.

As for shared shuttles including Magical Shuttle (bus or van), they have a longer duration than the private ones due to the waiting time at the airport and because of fixed schedules. If you miss your transport, you will have to wait for the next shuttle. The minimum time being 40 minutes. In addition, you will not go directly to your destination, you will have to make several stops before arriving at your destination.

As for taxis, there is often a huge line in Orly. The waiting time is quite long. Even for Uber taxis or other mobile apps, you will lose time booking and waiting for your taxi.

Public transport is long too; three trains to take for a total duration of about two and a half hours or even three hours.

In terms of price :

The price of private shuttles depends on the number of people. As we said before, it costs between € 60 and € 95.

For shared shuttles, the average price per person is 20€ for adults and 10 € for children. The price is higher than the private shuttle with the difference of having a private vehicle in the private service. If for the price of a shared shuttle, you can have a private vehicle, why deprive yourself?

Parisian taxis are the most expensive way to get to Disneyland from Orly. Indeed, the price is calculated according to the time spent and the distance. The price can easily reach 200€. The price of Uber taxis and other mobile applications also depends on the duration and distance. Since traffic in Orly is often clogged and the trip duration can reach an hour and a half or two hours, you will have bad surprises when paying your race.

In terms of public transport, by spending about 20 € per person to get to Disneyland by three trains, this option is not very good because at the same price, you can have a private car.

- In terms of safety :

When we talk about safety, we talk about personal safety and also the safety of children during transport. Indeed, not all means of transport from Orly to Disney are "safe". In public transport for example, you may be stolen especially since you have plenty of luggage and your attention is easily distracted. Other means of transportation are relatively safe except for a few that do not offer car seats or booster seats for children. Buses do not offer them. Also taxis, whether public or mobile apps, do not offer children seats either.

The safest means of transportation is the private shuttle and an additional note to companies that provide car seats and booster seats in their vehicles, which is our case.

- In terms of comfort :

For people arriving for the first time in Paris, the most comfortable and least stressful solution would be to book in advance and have a professional organization to wait at the airport to take them to their destination. Private shuttles are the most adequate because you just have to make the reservation online and you will be in good hands once you arrive in Paris with all your luggage. The departure is immediate, you join your vehicle with your driver and you are good to go to Disneyland.

For shared shuttles by bus that are less comfortable than cars or minivans, you must wait for your shuttle and you may wait longer if you miss it. Waiting at the airport with the children and luggage after a long flight is not very pleasant. It's the same for Parisian taxis whose line is huge, you will waiting for a long time. Uber taxis and other mobile applications also have a waiting time because you have to wait for the arrival of your driver after have making the reservation.

As for trains, it is the least comfortable mean of transport. Going from the Orlyval train to the RER B and RER B to the RER A train to Disney with all your luggage and for a person visiting Paris for the first time, we can say that it’s not a great start for your holiday.

- In terms of availability :

If you arrive in Orly, it would be better to have a transport available right at your arrival. For Parisian taxis, you will have to stand in the line while for Uber and other mobile applications, you will have to book and wait for the arrival of your driver. The ideal solution would be to have your means of transport as soon as you arrive in Paris. This service is offered by private and shared shuttle. However, the shared shuttle is only available at specific times and at specific time intervals. You may end up alone at the airport if you miss your car. The ideal solution would be the private shuttle with booking made in advance as our service offers. You book before arriving to Paris and you will have no stress. Even more, even if your flight is late, we will know it with the flight number and the driver will come at your plane landing time. There is no better in terms of availability.

-In terms of quality / price ratio :

As indicated in the previous paragraphs, the price of transport between Orly and Disney is very variable because several hazards affect it. The best solution is to find a means of transport whose price is fixed to have a good control of its budget of holidays and not to have bad surprises. Taxis are to be eliminated because their price is very variable and is often very expensive. Public trains are also to be avoided because for 20 € per person, one can have a private service and travel in comfort.

As for private or shared shuttles, the one that is private is better because at the same price, you will have a vehicle at your disposal at the desired place and time without stops and without stress. Shared shuttles however have fixed schedules and are not flexible. Your options are limited because they are not available all day.

In conclusion, one of the best means of transport is without doubt the private shuttle that we offer "Parishuttle-lowcost", a transport on demand. You will have a private vehicle, an advance reservation for a driver waiting for you at the airport, a customer service available 24/7 to answer all your questions, prices that defy competition, special offers for families, children seats, clean and spacious vehicles ...

Some practical ideas :

- Book your private shuttle from Orly to Disneyland in advance to be calm and secure. You can book months in advance and take advantage of promotions before rate increases in high seasons. You can book a one-way ticket or a return ticket. How to book? Just calculate the price and click on book to fill the booking form. Once the deposit paid, you will receive a confirmation and voila! Your transfer is confirmed!

- If you have doubts about the price or you are many, you make a quote request or leave us a message in the contact section and our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

- If you are traveling with a disabled person with a wheelchair, we can provide the transfer for you if the chair is manual. However, if the chair is electric, it will be necessary to call specific organizations.

- Pay attention to the scammers on the internet: Do not put your flight information in the quote request or contact message. Some of the websites use that information and poses as your driver in the airport and takes you. You will end up paying a higher price without taking into account the deposit you have already paid to confirm your reservation.

- Pay attention to the touts at the airport who will also pass for your driver and take you to Disney for exorbitant prices.

- The hotels and areas served by the Orly Disney shuttle :

The transfers we offer are direct from Orly airport to your hotel or to your exact address in Marne la Vallée and its area. We cover the whole area of ​​Disney, Marne Valley, Chessy, Marne la Vallée station, Serris, Magny-le-Hongre, Bussy-Saint-George ... Even if your destination does not appear in the booking form, just write it and you will be directly transferred to it.

Public areas served : Val d'Europe shopping centers:

The "vallée village".

The nature village (center parcs).